Project Manager
  • Create a New Project
  • Find Old Projects (including v5 Projects)
  • Automatically converts v5 to v6 Projects
  • Delete Projects
  • Rename Projects
  • Combine Projects
  • Backup/Restore Projects
Code Data File
  • Visual display of Codes and Segment Boundaries
  • Active Code Margin (clickable Code Words and Boundaries)
  • Popup Segments
  • Copy Popup Text to your word processor with attached Footnote
  • Code Count List
  • Segment List
  • Customize the Code window display
Search for Segments by
  • Single Code Search
  • Linked Code Search (e.g., CodeA and CodeB but not CodeC)
  • Identifiers as Search Codes (e.g., JOE:, SUE, Q!: etc.)
Search Output Types
  • Segment List (View List of Segments and Individual Segments)
  • Frequency Table (Files by Code Words)
  • Memo List (Memos attached to Segments found in the search)
  • Customize the Code output display
Search Filters
  • Face Sheets (Define the properties of Data Files)
  • Identifier Sheets (Define the properties of Identifiers)
  • Identifiers (e.g., JOE:, SUE, Q1: etc.)
  • File Names
Code Book
  • Automatically add Code Words as you Code data files
  • Manually add Code Words before or during coding.
  • Define Code Words
  • Create Code Groups (i.e., Code Families)
  • Customize the Code Book Display
Write Memos
  • Write Memos any time, any where
  • Create your own Memo Types
  • Attach Memos to the Project (999 per project)
  • Attach Memos to individual Data Files (999 per data file)
  • Attach Memos to lines of text (26 for each line of text)
Memo List
  • View a list of all Memos
  • Sort the list by any Memo Property
  • Filter the list by any Memo Property
  • View individual-Memos
  • For text memos, view data with the Memo
  • Copy from Memos to your word processor
  • Customize the Memo List display