Easy to Learn and Use: Two Tutorials

Still the easiest QDA software to learn and use -  Download the Quick Tour

Quick Tour Advanced

A guided tour with free play using existing Data Files 

  • Find Old Project Button Find old project
  • Project Manager Explore Project Manager
  • Code Data File button Explore Code Data File
  • Search Button Explore Search
  • Memo List Button Explore Memo List
  • Write Memo Button Explore Writing Memos

Quick Tour Basic

A fast hands on tutorial (30 minutes)  that shows you how to:

  1. Create Project Button Create a Project
  2. Add Data File Button Add a data file
  3. Code Data File Button Code a data file
  4. Code Book Button Edit the Code Book
  5. Add Data File Button Add a second data file
  6. Code Data File Button Code the second data file
  7. Search Button Search for Coded Segments